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About Corowa Recreational Flying

Corowa Recreational Flying is an acredited RA-Aus flying school located in the Murray River township of Corowa in southern NSW.  It is an ideal place to learn to fly with a quiet airport with long runways and excellent facilities.  In addition to this the district is a mecca for things to do outside of flying. There are water sports including water skiing, fishing, camping, crusing the river, houseboating, golf, bowls, great restaurants in both Corowa and Rutherglen to name a few things.

Corowa is an easy driving distance from other regional centres such as Albury, Wodonga, Wangaratta, Benalla and Yarrawonga/Mulwala.

We provide the followiing services to our customers (see the training page for more details):

  • RA-Aus pilot certificate flying training
  • Biennial Flight Reviews
  • Endorsements
  • Theory courses 
  • Conversions 
    • Glider to RA-Aus
    • GA to RA-Aus
    • Trike to 3 Axis
    • Overseas licence to RA-Aus
  • Hangarage
  • Specialsed courses (School holidays, Emergency procedures)
  • Fly aways