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Radio Operators Endorsement

This endorsement allows you to operate the VHF radio. To obtain the endorsement must pass a written and oral test.

Passenger Endorsement

Once you have your pilot certificate you want to be able to share your joy of flying with family and friends. to do this you will need to obtain your Passenger carrying endorsement. To qualify, you'll need your RAAus Pilot Certificate and 10 hours Pilot in Command and a check ride.

Cross Country Endorsement

Now that you have your pilot certificate the next step is to complete your cross country endorsement. The endorsement lifts the 25NM area restrictionand allows you to fly anywhere in Australia (except controlled airspace) confidently and safely.. The endorsement will take about 15 hours to complete including a minimum of 2-3 hour solo flight. You will then need to sit and pass a written theory test and a flight test.