Pilot Certificate

Learning to fly is fun and comprises both practical and theory components. 


To successfully complete your pilot certificate you will require at least 20 hours flight training, 5 of which must be solo. The lessons are based on the following topics and progression through the syllabus is based on performance.

  • On the ground
    • Preparation for flight
    • Taxiing
  • Control of the aircraft in normal flight
    • Effects and operations of controls
    • Straight and level flight
    • Climbing and descending
    • Turning the aeroplane
    • Take-off and landing
    • Operations in the vicinity of the aerodrome
  • Advanced manoeuvres
    • Stalling
    • Short field takeoff and landings
    • Forced landings
    • Precautionary search
    • Crosswind circuits
    • Slide slipping


The theory side of the training consists of the following topics and exams for each must be completed before you can obtain you Pilots Certificate.

  • Pre-solo
  • Radiotelephony
  • Flight rules
  • Basic Aeronautical Knowledge
  • Human Factors

The theory can be undertaken either in the class room situation or via private study.

Once you have completed your Pilot Certificate you can then continue on to complete your passenger carrying and cross county endorsements.